Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Logan is in Peeschoo :)

If sending your first born off to Kindergarten
isn't enough on a hormonal pregnant woman...
Let's throw sending your second born off to Preschool in the same week.
It was bittersweet.
But to be honest...not as emotional.
I'm not sure if it is because Logan is my second born.
That I have already gone through this before. Knew what to expect.
Or...if it is because Logan's personality is different than Luke's.
Luke is shy and sensitive.
Logan. Not so much.
He is small.
The smallest in his entire class actually.
But he is fierce.
When I have to explain Logan's personality...I usually just end up laughing.
His teacher had us fill out a little questionnaire about him.
"Use three words to explain your child."
1. Sweet 2. Hilarious 3. Crazy Wild
You can see all three of those qualities in this picture ^^
You might notice all his pictures were taken inside..
There is a reason for this....
I can confine him inside.
He would of been gone in a hot second.
Gaaaahhh. I'm sorry.
But I cannot help myself. Just look at that picture.
 I love that kid.
As wild as he is...
He is the sweetest little boy ever.
And so so so funny.
That is why I don't worry about him as much.
I know whatever trouble he gets himself into...
He is going to charm his way out of it.
Whether it is making your heart melt or making you laugh until you cry.
The only concern I did have with him starting school was...
Well. He IS wild.
I was certain that he would not cooperate with the 'rules'...
I don't think he really understood the concept of 'school'
but he sure was excited to wear a book bag & check out where Luke goes all day.
When we got to school...
he went and lined up on the wall with all the other kids.
This was a start!
Maybe everyone was right...
"Sarah, he will amaze you once he goes to school.
He will do so good. No need to be anxious"
Once he was on the wall...
He could care less that I was even there.
He told me bye but...
I stayed to watch him walk in.
He was WALKING IN A LINE. That's a BIG deal!
Then. Hahahahaha. Logan.
ONLY Logan started veering towards the playground.
All I could think was 'oh no...here we go.'
But then he did amaze me!
His teacher said "Logan let's get back in line"
AND HE DID!! Phew.
When I got back into the car there were no tears.
 Just a little smirk on my face.
THAT'S my Logan.
When I went to pick him up he ran into my arms and said...
"MOM! I came back!!"
Yes, yes you did baby :)
Logan does not talking very much.
Like... Liam talks just as much as him.
So it is kind of hard to get that much out of him on how is day was.
But! I'm pretty sure he loved it!
And that he had chocolate milk and a hot dog for lunch. HA.
We are now on Day 5 of Pre-K.
And I have gotten to know Logan's teacher very well already, haha.
She said he is so so so so sweet.
But they are definitely working on attention span and listening.
Exactly what I expected. Even feared.
BUT Miss Ware keeps reassuring me that he is not the only one.
And that it is completely normal for his age.
I think I just got a 'by the book' for my first born.
Oh Logan.
You are giving me gray hair.
I love love love love love love love you!!!

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