Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ninty days.

Yesterday we welcomed the 3rd trimester with open arms.
In less than 90 days we will be celebrating Lane's BIRTHDAY!!
And Dad just so happens to be finishing up the last couple days
of his 90 day probation period at the new job.
So a big hallelujah for being 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy
and not having to pay an arm & a leg for COBRA anymore!! 
As far as the pregnancy goes...
I'm exhausted, sore, and lose my breath very easily.
But, I honestly can't complain.
Those are all very typical symptoms at this point in pregnancy.
I really am trying to embrace this last trimester, soak it all in.
My last trimester.
As far as dad's job goes...
He love love loves it!!
He is SO happy!!!!

I cannot stress enough...
If you are unhappy with where you are.
Whether it is a job. Or a town. Or a relationship.
You're not a tree.
Life is way too short.

And the people who love you will thank you.
Trav being happy..
makes me happy..
which makes our family happy!!
So that is where we are.
Finishing up one countdown & starting a new one :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'm that girl

Happy Happy Thursday!!
This is no ordinary Thursday, oh no no no.
This is the season premier of my two favorite shows.
Scandal & Parenthood!!!
Seriously. In love.
I have never been a 'series' follower.
Basing your entire evening around a show. Psh.
Ain't nobody got time for that.
But sweet baby Jesus.
Hook, line, & sinker
Photo: Family is forever, #TeamBraverman. Join us for the farewell season tonight at 10/9c.
Parenthood is totally me.
All about family and feelings.
I cry every single episode.
Happy or sad. Doesn't matter. I cry.
Ugly cry.
But I secretly kind of like it.
Crying is good for the soul.
Scandal is totally not me
but I wish it was in every secret fantasy I've ever had.
It's intense. I have a mini heart attack every single episode.
I'm not sure how I am going to be able to get through tonight
without a bottle of wine.
And let's not even get started with my love for Fitz.
So yes! If you haven't ever watched either one of these shows.
Tonight. Chill a bottle of wine. And get ready for an emotional roller coaster.
You will thank me. Promise!
Thank goodness for the sun setting a bit earlier now.
The boys will never know that they are going to bed a few minutes early tonight ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Approach

I'm sure you have seen articles like this
floating around Facebook.
There is a lot of them.
And I'm hooked.
I read them every time.
And I bawl my eyes out every.single.time.
I am  that mom that constantly feels like I am failing.
But what I am beginning to realize...
Is that EVERY mom feels the way I do.
And that...helps.
It reassures me that I'm not alone. 
I had a complete melt down last week.
Not because of the kids.
But being a mom made it worse.
Even through a melt down...
You still have to change diapers and make dinner
and help with homework.
There is no off button. Ever.
But there is bedtime.
Bedtime is my favorite part of the day.
And not necessarily because my kids are going to bed.
It's the only part of the day that I feel like I have my shit together.
We have a bedtime routine.
Which everyone follows, religiously.
Everyone is calm and happy and extra snuggly.
It's the only time of the day that I can completely focus on them.
No cooking or cleaning or errands or technology or entertaining.
Just us.

And every night when I put them to bed...
I find myself missing them.
Wishing the day never had to end.
Even though...
throughout the day I catch myself wishing for that same day to end.
So I think that is my new approach to parenting.
Making my whole day just like bedtime.
A little less stressing and chores and definitely technology.
We are going simple. Mama needs simple.
I let my anxiety get the best of me & in turn...
I take it out on little people who don't deserve it.
So here is to late night blog posts.
No FB app at my finger tips.
Meal prepping.
Less worrying.
And a happier mama.
Because a happy mom = happy kids.

Friday, September 19, 2014

All caught up!

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary a couple weeks ago.
And I honestly can't believe we have only been married for 5 years.
Four babies in five years makes for a long marriage. lol.
But we are doing it. Every single day. Together.
I love this guy more now than ever.
And I truly mean that.
We are growing quite nicely together, if I do say so myself :)
We celebrated with crab legs & ice cream.
Per the preggo's request.
& we were going to go to the comedy club...
but going to bed early with no kids for the night sounded much more appealing.
Happy 5 years to us!!
OMG. This boy.
He seriously makes my heart swell with pride.
I have started volunteering in his classroom every Monday &
am able to see first hand him in his element.
It is awesome! So so so awesome!
He's everything I ever hoped for.
Smart, caring, respectful.
I could go on & on. But I have 3 other boys to get to ;)
Hahahahaha. Oh Loggie Bear :)
His teacher has fallen for his charm.
Do I know my boys or what?
He IS doing so much better in school!!
He is learning!
We did his 'homework' this morning...
and although it was messy... he KNEW what he was doing.
5ffffff555555555555555555yyy5555555555555555555 -Logan
It made me smile ear to ear!
And his communication?!
GAH!! He is talking more & more everyday.
School really does work wonders.
I mean. Just look at that face.
He's a doll baby.
And he knows it.
He's been melting my heart with this baby business lately.
He has a stuffed tiger that he calls his 'baby'
And he is verrrrry protective of 'her'
This morning he woke up & the first thing out of his mouth was...
"Where's my baby? Where is she?"
Thankfully she was still in the same bed he made her last night.
And all was right in the world again.
Oh! And I can't forget his other adorable thing lately.
Trav has a hard time saying no to those blue eyes.
So he occasionally lets Liam snuggle in our bed for a little bit
 after we put the other 2 to bed.
Well. Liam has caught on.
Every night he runs into our bed and pats the pillow saying
"Daddy. Snuggle. Dadddddyyy."
Gaaahhh. I mean. How do you say no to that?
I could just eat him up!
Lane. Lane. Lane.
We hit 25 weeks on Wednesday.
And I am feeling him kick more & more everyday.
At his doctor appointment last week...
He was almost 2 pounds. And healthy as can be.
He doesn't let me sleep at night. Which makes for long days.
But that's ok. Mama is used to the whole no sleep thing. 
We have been in baby mode the past week or so.
Filling his closet with clothes.
Because I always get rid of my baby clothes
 because I think the next one WILL be a girl.
Putting new carpet upstairs. Painting. Cleaning. Organizing.
I think we are all anxious.
And the bigger my belly gets.
It's hard not to think about anything else :)
And hell. While we are doing an update on the whole family.
We can't leave out Hooch.
Hooch is still a pain in my ass.
He shit on my BRAND NEW CARPET.
Shit. A dog that has been potty trained for 6+ years....
I wanted to kill him.
But I refrained.
Because that would be another mess I would have to clean up.
But besides that. I guess he's been alright.
The boys adore him. So I deal.
Happy Friday!!  Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Over 1/2 Way There!!

Today we hit 22 weeks!!
Exactly 18 weeks until Lane's due date!!
And... New Year's Eve in case you were wondering :)
This was us at 20 weeks. 
And probably the last time I looked in a mirror.
I have been trying to balance
soaking in my last pregnancy and wanting this baby out yesterday.
Kidding. Kinda. Not really.
And of course. The BEST thing about being pregnant...
is that magical feeling when you feel the baby kick.
Well. This little stinker LOVES being curled up in a ball facing my spine.
So his kicks are few and far between.
Total bummer!
But on the plus side...
I do get to have another ultrasound because of him staying it that ball.
I'm getting so so anxious!
Yesterday I ordered our first 'family of 6' d├ęcor.
Something I have been waiting to purchase until our family was complete.
Gah!! I love it. So simple & adorable!
And now! I can FINALLY make this..............
Love. Love. Love. Love.
I feel like I have to do everything in 4s now. Ha.
I am so glad school has started.
I feel like this second half of the pregnancy
is going to go super fast with our busy schedule.
Which is fine by me!
I much rather have a baby in my arms than in my belly.
And don't forget that newborn baby smell >>>>
The boys are just as anxious!!
Liam keeps walking around with his "baby" stuffed tiger
hugging & kissing it. It is soooo adorable!!
It is hard to imagine him not being the baby. Sigh.
And Daniel Tiger just had an episode about his baby sister
so now L&L are even more excited than before.
I love that they love being big brothers.
I have never had to worry about jealousy or adjusting.
They are just full of love. It's amazing!
I'll update again after our next appointment in 2 weeks :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Logan is in Peeschoo :)

If sending your first born off to Kindergarten
isn't enough on a hormonal pregnant woman...
Let's throw sending your second born off to Preschool in the same week.
It was bittersweet.
But to be honest...not as emotional.
I'm not sure if it is because Logan is my second born.
That I have already gone through this before. Knew what to expect.
Or...if it is because Logan's personality is different than Luke's.
Luke is shy and sensitive.
Logan. Not so much.
He is small.
The smallest in his entire class actually.
But he is fierce.
When I have to explain Logan's personality...I usually just end up laughing.
His teacher had us fill out a little questionnaire about him.
"Use three words to explain your child."
1. Sweet 2. Hilarious 3. Crazy Wild
You can see all three of those qualities in this picture ^^
You might notice all his pictures were taken inside..
There is a reason for this....
I can confine him inside.
He would of been gone in a hot second.
Gaaaahhh. I'm sorry.
But I cannot help myself. Just look at that picture.
 I love that kid.
As wild as he is...
He is the sweetest little boy ever.
And so so so funny.
That is why I don't worry about him as much.
I know whatever trouble he gets himself into...
He is going to charm his way out of it.
Whether it is making your heart melt or making you laugh until you cry.
The only concern I did have with him starting school was...
Well. He IS wild.
I was certain that he would not cooperate with the 'rules'...
I don't think he really understood the concept of 'school'
but he sure was excited to wear a book bag & check out where Luke goes all day.
When we got to school...
he went and lined up on the wall with all the other kids.
This was a start!
Maybe everyone was right...
"Sarah, he will amaze you once he goes to school.
He will do so good. No need to be anxious"
Once he was on the wall...
He could care less that I was even there.
He told me bye but...
I stayed to watch him walk in.
He was WALKING IN A LINE. That's a BIG deal!
Then. Hahahahaha. Logan.
ONLY Logan started veering towards the playground.
All I could think was 'oh we go.'
But then he did amaze me!
His teacher said "Logan let's get back in line"
AND HE DID!! Phew.
When I got back into the car there were no tears.
 Just a little smirk on my face.
THAT'S my Logan.
When I went to pick him up he ran into my arms and said...
"MOM! I came back!!"
Yes, yes you did baby :)
Logan does not talking very much.
Like... Liam talks just as much as him.
So it is kind of hard to get that much out of him on how is day was.
But! I'm pretty sure he loved it!
And that he had chocolate milk and a hot dog for lunch. HA.
We are now on Day 5 of Pre-K.
And I have gotten to know Logan's teacher very well already, haha.
She said he is so so so so sweet.
But they are definitely working on attention span and listening.
Exactly what I expected. Even feared.
BUT Miss Ware keeps reassuring me that he is not the only one.
And that it is completely normal for his age.
I think I just got a 'by the book' for my first born.
Oh Logan.
You are giving me gray hair.
I love love love love love love love you!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kindergarten Mom

Last week at this time...
I was a blubbering, hot mess.
It could be the extra hormones...
But still. I was extremely emotional.
Kindergarten is no joke.
It is the "new" 1st grade.
There is no more learning to tie your shoes
and learning the alphabet.
You should already know those things by 5.
It's math and science and social studies
and computers and art and music
and and and.
THAT made it even harder on me. my eyes...Luke is still a baby.
I don't know if it's because he is my (first) or what.
But I have had a very hard time letting him go...
Being aware of the fact that he is indeed not a baby anymore...
And that he IS more capable of things then I give him credit for.
So the night before his first day...
I made sure everything was perfect for him.
I had his book bag packed.
His clothes laid out.
A special bedtime story.
The morning of...
I made him his favorite breakfast.
Took one too many pictures.
Had a prep talk with him.
Maybe more for me than for him.
Got to school extra early...
for even more pictures.
And then...after settling him into his classroom...
He said... "Mom, you can go now."
Sigh. He was ready.
And I...
I still wasn't.
I'm not sure I will ever be ready.
I was anxious
I cried on and off
I was a half hour early to pick him up
JUST to make sure I didn't leave him waiting for one single second.
Finally I saw him walking towards me.
And you know what?
He jumped into my arms with a big grin on his face and said...
"MOM SCHOOL IS SO AWESOME!!! But I still missed you."
Gah!! I mean do they come any sweeter?
No. No they don't.
And everyday since has been the exact same way.
He jumps up into my arms with a big grin on his face and says
"I missed you so much mom!"
He loves school. And he still misses me.
It's a win win.
I think the hardest thing about sending your babies off to school is...
Fear of them not fitting in.
Or falling behind, or God forbid... missing you too much.
But ya know...
 after a few e-mails back & forth with his teacher...
I am more than at ease now. He really is doing great.
And he really does love school.
I am so proud of my baby little man.
He truly is one of the sweetest, most respectful, smartest 5 year olds I know.
He has so much potential.
And I absolutely cannot wait to see where
 this new chapter in his life takes him!!