Friday, September 19, 2014

All caught up!

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary a couple weeks ago.
And I honestly can't believe we have only been married for 5 years.
Four babies in five years makes for a long marriage. lol.
But we are doing it. Every single day. Together.
I love this guy more now than ever.
And I truly mean that.
We are growing quite nicely together, if I do say so myself :)
We celebrated with crab legs & ice cream.
Per the preggo's request.
& we were going to go to the comedy club...
but going to bed early with no kids for the night sounded much more appealing.
Happy 5 years to us!!
OMG. This boy.
He seriously makes my heart swell with pride.
I have started volunteering in his classroom every Monday &
am able to see first hand him in his element.
It is awesome! So so so awesome!
He's everything I ever hoped for.
Smart, caring, respectful.
I could go on & on. But I have 3 other boys to get to ;)
Hahahahaha. Oh Loggie Bear :)
His teacher has fallen for his charm.
Do I know my boys or what?
He IS doing so much better in school!!
He is learning!
We did his 'homework' this morning...
and although it was messy... he KNEW what he was doing.
5ffffff555555555555555555yyy5555555555555555555 -Logan
It made me smile ear to ear!
And his communication?!
GAH!! He is talking more & more everyday.
School really does work wonders.
I mean. Just look at that face.
He's a doll baby.
And he knows it.
He's been melting my heart with this baby business lately.
He has a stuffed tiger that he calls his 'baby'
And he is verrrrry protective of 'her'
This morning he woke up & the first thing out of his mouth was...
"Where's my baby? Where is she?"
Thankfully she was still in the same bed he made her last night.
And all was right in the world again.
Oh! And I can't forget his other adorable thing lately.
Trav has a hard time saying no to those blue eyes.
So he occasionally lets Liam snuggle in our bed for a little bit
 after we put the other 2 to bed.
Well. Liam has caught on.
Every night he runs into our bed and pats the pillow saying
"Daddy. Snuggle. Dadddddyyy."
Gaaahhh. I mean. How do you say no to that?
I could just eat him up!
Lane. Lane. Lane.
We hit 25 weeks on Wednesday.
And I am feeling him kick more & more everyday.
At his doctor appointment last week...
He was almost 2 pounds. And healthy as can be.
He doesn't let me sleep at night. Which makes for long days.
But that's ok. Mama is used to the whole no sleep thing. 
We have been in baby mode the past week or so.
Filling his closet with clothes.
Because I always get rid of my baby clothes
 because I think the next one WILL be a girl.
Putting new carpet upstairs. Painting. Cleaning. Organizing.
I think we are all anxious.
And the bigger my belly gets.
It's hard not to think about anything else :)
And hell. While we are doing an update on the whole family.
We can't leave out Hooch.
Hooch is still a pain in my ass.
He shit on my BRAND NEW CARPET.
Shit. A dog that has been potty trained for 6+ years....
I wanted to kill him.
But I refrained.
Because that would be another mess I would have to clean up.
But besides that. I guess he's been alright.
The boys adore him. So I deal.
Happy Friday!!  Happy Weekend!!

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