Monday, August 25, 2014

Kindergarten Mom

Last week at this time...
I was a blubbering, hot mess.
It could be the extra hormones...
But still. I was extremely emotional.
Kindergarten is no joke.
It is the "new" 1st grade.
There is no more learning to tie your shoes
and learning the alphabet.
You should already know those things by 5.
It's math and science and social studies
and computers and art and music
and and and.
THAT made it even harder on me. my eyes...Luke is still a baby.
I don't know if it's because he is my (first) or what.
But I have had a very hard time letting him go...
Being aware of the fact that he is indeed not a baby anymore...
And that he IS more capable of things then I give him credit for.
So the night before his first day...
I made sure everything was perfect for him.
I had his book bag packed.
His clothes laid out.
A special bedtime story.
The morning of...
I made him his favorite breakfast.
Took one too many pictures.
Had a prep talk with him.
Maybe more for me than for him.
Got to school extra early...
for even more pictures.
And then...after settling him into his classroom...
He said... "Mom, you can go now."
Sigh. He was ready.
And I...
I still wasn't.
I'm not sure I will ever be ready.
I was anxious
I cried on and off
I was a half hour early to pick him up
JUST to make sure I didn't leave him waiting for one single second.
Finally I saw him walking towards me.
And you know what?
He jumped into my arms with a big grin on his face and said...
"MOM SCHOOL IS SO AWESOME!!! But I still missed you."
Gah!! I mean do they come any sweeter?
No. No they don't.
And everyday since has been the exact same way.
He jumps up into my arms with a big grin on his face and says
"I missed you so much mom!"
He loves school. And he still misses me.
It's a win win.
I think the hardest thing about sending your babies off to school is...
Fear of them not fitting in.
Or falling behind, or God forbid... missing you too much.
But ya know...
 after a few e-mails back & forth with his teacher...
I am more than at ease now. He really is doing great.
And he really does love school.
I am so proud of my baby little man.
He truly is one of the sweetest, most respectful, smartest 5 year olds I know.
He has so much potential.
And I absolutely cannot wait to see where
 this new chapter in his life takes him!!


Meagan said...

I wish we could go back to kindergarten! I feel like first grade is NO JOKE compared to it. Homework every night, spelling tests every week, reading like no other, changing teachers for different subjects...ahhh! I don't know if I can do this! lol

btw...Luke has got to be the cutest kindergartener ever!!

Sarah said...

Hold the phone. They switch classes in the FIRST GRADE?!?!?!? Since when?' Insane!!

I can tell just over FB how much Keegan has grown up even since the beginning of summer.

And thank you ☺️

Christine Pettijohn said...

I am with Meagan. I miss Kindergarten. First grade is seriously no joke and to think it gets harder. Yikes!

Yay for him enjoying school though!!