Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Approach

I'm sure you have seen articles like this
floating around Facebook.
There is a lot of them.
And I'm hooked.
I read them every time.
And I bawl my eyes out every.single.time.
I am  that mom that constantly feels like I am failing.
But what I am beginning to realize...
Is that EVERY mom feels the way I do.
And that...helps.
It reassures me that I'm not alone. 
I had a complete melt down last week.
Not because of the kids.
But being a mom made it worse.
Even through a melt down...
You still have to change diapers and make dinner
and help with homework.
There is no off button. Ever.
But there is bedtime.
Bedtime is my favorite part of the day.
And not necessarily because my kids are going to bed.
It's the only part of the day that I feel like I have my shit together.
We have a bedtime routine.
Which everyone follows, religiously.
Everyone is calm and happy and extra snuggly.
It's the only time of the day that I can completely focus on them.
No cooking or cleaning or errands or technology or entertaining.
Just us.

And every night when I put them to bed...
I find myself missing them.
Wishing the day never had to end.
Even though...
throughout the day I catch myself wishing for that same day to end.
So I think that is my new approach to parenting.
Making my whole day just like bedtime.
A little less stressing and chores and definitely technology.
We are going simple. Mama needs simple.
I let my anxiety get the best of me & in turn...
I take it out on little people who don't deserve it.
So here is to late night blog posts.
No FB app at my finger tips.
Meal prepping.
Less worrying.
And a happier mama.
Because a happy mom = happy kids.


Cassie said...

you are not alone. just last night i took WAY to much out on my kids. and then at bed time, all they wanted to do was make a mommy sandwich. and i felt SO bad for how i treated them.

hang in there!

Adrien said...

It's amazing that no matter how terrible the day has been, everything seems all right in the peace of the night. You're right...everyone thinks they're doing something wrong. Truth is, we probably are. :) But we're not perfect and then there's tomorrow. We're all in the trenches taking turns giving each other a hand up.

sblind2 said...

Ahhhhh - you sure have a way with timing :-) stress levels have been running high in the Blind household ... and this is a great reminder to slow down so little feet can keep up.