Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Over 1/2 Way There!!

Today we hit 22 weeks!!
Exactly 18 weeks until Lane's due date!!
And... New Year's Eve in case you were wondering :)
This was us at 20 weeks. 
And probably the last time I looked in a mirror.
I have been trying to balance
soaking in my last pregnancy and wanting this baby out yesterday.
Kidding. Kinda. Not really.
And of course. The BEST thing about being pregnant...
is that magical feeling when you feel the baby kick.
Well. This little stinker LOVES being curled up in a ball facing my spine.
So his kicks are few and far between.
Total bummer!
But on the plus side...
I do get to have another ultrasound because of him staying it that ball.
I'm getting so so anxious!
Yesterday I ordered our first 'family of 6' décor.
Something I have been waiting to purchase until our family was complete.
Gah!! I love it. So simple & adorable!
And now! I can FINALLY make this..............
Love. Love. Love. Love.
I feel like I have to do everything in 4s now. Ha.
I am so glad school has started.
I feel like this second half of the pregnancy
is going to go super fast with our busy schedule.
Which is fine by me!
I much rather have a baby in my arms than in my belly.
And don't forget that newborn baby smell >>>>
The boys are just as anxious!!
Liam keeps walking around with his "baby" stuffed tiger
hugging & kissing it. It is soooo adorable!!
It is hard to imagine him not being the baby. Sigh.
And Daniel Tiger just had an episode about his baby sister
so now L&L are even more excited than before.
I love that they love being big brothers.
I have never had to worry about jealousy or adjusting.
They are just full of love. It's amazing!
I'll update again after our next appointment in 2 weeks :)

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Cassie said...

anna was telling me about your wall piece you are working on. so cute!